Hans Wilreker paints in landscapes world wide. He is one of very few artist who, as a rule, execute their work directly on location.

The magic of light, the constraints of wind and weather and the personal physical state in which the artist finds himself then and there, impacts on the work with an immediacy that captures the particular spirit of the place and time.

He works mainly in watercolours and pastels, techniques which allow for speed and fluidity of action, depicting identifiable places and time, thus compelling the viewer to ponder on the artist’s particular, personal experience.

Landscape, although made out of nature, is a concept of the human mind – for a landscape that the artist has not painted does not exist for him.

Hans Wilreker comes from a family with an artistic tradition that has known, since 1826: a passementier (decorator of military uniforms), an etcher / engraver, a printer, a master builder, an architect and a painter.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, famous for Herbert Boeckl, Oscal Kokoschka, Sergej Pauser, Friedrich Hundertwasser, and he also studied woodblock printing in Japan.